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Early on, a few, now precious flint pieces were colored deep cobalt blue, amber, various shades of green, canary (what we now call vaseline) and a deep, rich amethyst. Frameless Showers Framed Showers Specialty Shower Units, Broken Glass Replacement Foggy Windows Falling Grids Glass Energy Upgrades, Bathroom Vanity Mirrors Wall Mirrors Gym Mirrors Wardrobe Doors, Glass Tabletops Tabletop Protectors Glass Shelves, New Window Screens Frame Rescreens Patio Screen Doors, Storefront Door Repair Storefront Weatherproofing & Resealing Glass Replacement Emergency Board-Up Services, We are proud to positively impact Santa Clarita's economy through job creation and retention.. designed for hobbyists, serious collectors of, and dealers in Early American ----- go to our Contact page and snail mail us a photograph, or an image made by laying a piece of your glass on a copier & scanning it, or a 'rubbing' of the pattern elements using a soft lead pencil on thin paper, or When a plunger rather than blowing is used, as became usual later, the glass is . Bread plates, which were made in most patterns but also in some stand alone designs, are popular EAPG collectibles and they also make unique wedding gifts. Any red on EAPG was a stain or paint on clear glass. Free Preview of our Pattern Identification Page link above to preview a Learn More, Laser Cutting submitting corrections, and aiding in the identification of unknown patterns. It might not even be American. Our members identify glassware, provide the images and data then we have a team that catalogs it. screen mobile devices and provides you with our EAPG database of pictures and This mobile site is a new service offered free to our subscribers. A Guide To All-Things-Disney Collectibles, Whats It Worth? In Our EAPG Database! Artificially color-altered glass is considered damaged by most serious collectors or students of EAPG who are especially interested in the provenance, history and original as-made colors found in EAPG. 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(Photo courtesy of Michael Aden), Whitall Tatum Company logo: W over T inside inverted triangle, Fenton Glass Company Hobnail Fan Vase in Blue Opalescent, Hobnail candy dish in Amberina glass (Fenton inside an oval mark is on the base), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Complete list (with links) of all articles on the GLASS BOTTLE MARKS website, Glass Manufacturers Marks on Bottles and other Glassware, Brookfield Glass Company (Bushwick Glass Works), Federal Glass Company, Columbus, Ohio (1900-1979), Fenton Art Glass Company, Williamstown, WV (1905-2011), MASONS PATENT NOV 30TH 1858 Antique Fruit Jars Summary, Numbers seen on the bottoms of glass bottles and jars, Federal Law Forbids Sale or Reuse of this Bottle Marking, It may be a more recent item, and/or may have been made outside the US. consultant, is checking this site for errors, No one ever said that the antiques world is rigid. Wealthy people supped from fine china & blown glass drinking vessels brought across the sea from The Continent. HIGHLY Recommended!, Artin was so professional, sweet & helpful parameters--including pattern name, form, manufacturer, pattern number, year material contained on this website is forbidden unless expressed written Diamond-I mark on bottom of amber bottle made by Illinois Glass Company. What most resources and references about EAPG dont tell you is that this glass was the dishes of the everyday (Victorian era) Housewife. Heres my web page with basic information about Depression Glass . and history of EAPG--and has EAPG items for sale--please visit Elaine Henderson's website: Although I used the phrase most heavily in the text (implying there was not an abrupt end to EAPG production in any specific year, but gradually decreasing popularity), I have changed the date 1910 to 1915 in the paragraph at the top of this page. This example appears on the base of a clear decorative spirits bottle embossed with a horse head inside a horseshoe design, and the words Los Angeles Brewing Company, perhaps a limited-edition bottle made during the 1930s or 1940s for a polo club? Home or Business. Glass Bottle Marks pages (this link goes to page one in the alphabetical lists of glass manufacturers marks). A small dab of molten glass was put between the top and the standard (base) which, when cooled, stuck the 2 pieces together (forming the wafer) although sometimes not totally on the same plane leaving the finished product a little tilty or twisty. We do not identify anything on ebay. We won't go there & hope you won't either. Please note that this is not an auction site or an How to Identify Antique and Vintage American Glassware Styles Estimated Reading Time: 10 minutes Last updated: 06.27.18 With eye-catching colors and an alluring array of shapes and patterns, antique glassware offers a unique decorative accent that recalls craftsmanship from decades past. subscribers the opportunity to help identify their unknown item. O-I mark currently used by O-I (Owens-Illinois, Inc), VE mark used by Vetreria Etrusca, glass company in Italy. For the record, a body of collectibles needs to have somewhere to begin and end and most, for simplicity, have chosen 1850 -1910, the Victorian era. The Golden Age of Pressed Glass 1880-1910, By the 1880s pattern glass was produced in great volume in hundreds of patterns, and colored glass came into vogue. Get a quick overview by reading, What is EAPG and then spend some time absorbing the Wisdom & Warnings at Grannys Pointers & Pitfalls. Brady's products help customers . I had formerly listed that as a product of Richards & Hartley, but I have re-edited the caption with the information you gave me, finally (only two and a half years late) !! They did some work for me a little over a year ago. This guide will help you identify and value your elegant glassware, including patterns made by Fostoria, Heisey, Cambridge, Duncan and Miller, Tiffin and others. They were lighter weight, less expensive, less clear and exhibited no bell tones. Another good source of EAPG is estate sales such as are easily located on your computer at . Applying this hot strap to the cooled body frequently resulted in a stress fracture or heat check at the attachment point, which were understandably common in these pieces. Her website can be found at. It is interesting how many collectors & even sellers confuse engraving and etching processes on EAPG. Sugar bowls were large because sugar came in chunks and they are covered because of insects & humidity. Hai Tech Lasers, Inc. provides custom laser cutting services to a host of industries for varied applications. Northwood EAPG Jewel & Flower / Encore Vaseline Glass Butter Dish Top / Lid. Laser Marking In addition to EAPG being known by many terms, almost all of the patterns are known by more than one name and some are known by as many as 7 names! This mobile site is customized for small With improved glass pressing machinery, mass production began and matched tableware sets began to proliferate. in hosting and maintaining a website with such a large database of The colors varied somewhat in hue or intensity from one manufacturer to another. One helpful way to look at EAPG is to divide the 60 (or so) years it was made into 4 Periods or Ages. Certain logos were embossed on pitchers before the 20th century. Most of this type of tableware was (originally) relatively inexpensive, and was commonly purchased and used primarily by the middle class segment of society. is who wish to have full access to the subscribers area of the website and full EAPG was never made in red glass. sorted by pattern, form, manufacturer, etc., and filtered by form. The Gmail software has evidently been flagging some legitimate emails as "Spam" in recent months. . sample of our Pattern Identitication Page and see the pattern Many patterns were named by early writers such as Ruth Webb Lee, S. T. Millard & Minnie Watson Kamm in the 1930s. M in a circle mark used by Maryland Glass Corporation. Lacy is a general term chosen by collectors to describe the earliest type of pressed glass produced in the US. Please click here to go to my site Home Page. mobile device web browser, enter They turned out millions of pieces of inexpensive ware and were in fierce competition for the Trade (ie the business of homemakers). Libbey Glass Company Cursive L mark on the base of a Gibraltar pattern tumbler in Spanish Green (sage green), Brockway Glass Company base of 1983 amber beer bottle, Sapphire Blue Eastlake Childrens Mug, made by Atterbury & Company of Pittsburgh in the 1880s. The website includes a fully Her website can be found at A form that was only made during a short time span were spill holders heavy glass footed vases intended to hold the burned wooden spills sticks used to light fires. on a short pedestal like what we commonly think of as sherbet dishes. website are owned by National Network Solutions LLC, Copyright 2006-2022 Decorating pattern glass became even more popular during the 1890s and we find cased, stained, & flashed colored decor as well as the colorless embellishments which were also still being used. On your If you are a seller wanting help identifying your glass, please contact Long-lived antique malls can be safeand if you subsequently learn that a mistake was made in identification, it is easier to return it with a refund. Hai Tech Lasers uses high-quality precision laser marking technology to quickly, accurately and permanently mark a wide variety of materials. Many, many patterns were made in only one form, the main category being goblets or other drinking vessels. DoRi--a professional EAPG dealer since 1960--has worked with Early American I have many custom requests and they always exceed my expectations with turn around time and the quality of work. by companies such as the Lee Mfg. R in a triangle mark used by Reed. Americas Centennial was celebrated in 1876 and many more glass patterns were introduced. From the first company to press glass (this is an unresolved issue but were pretty sure it is in New England) through the end of the 19th century, hundreds of companies practiced pressing glass into molds. Grasshopper pattern, some forms of which featured actual insect likenesses on the sides), plants, shells, diamonds & of course curly queues. search engine where users can search the database using multiple parameters Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. We are equipped with advanced production machinery to manufacture affordable laser engraving machines providing outstanding results. Master salts were gradually replaced by shakers during the 1880s and 90s as granulated salt became available. DoRi who wish to have full access to the subscribers area of the website and full Co. of Chicago. your internet enabled mobile device. Lady In Decadence. Beginning in 2010, through our Facebook sponsored page, we have collected, cataloged, identified, and verified patterns and stored photos showing various forms of those patterns. We suggest starting at The primary purpose of this web site is Post photos on your Face Book page & send me the link. The website includes a fully The two most obvious are Early American Pattern Glass and EAPG, but it is also referred to in the literature and in current vernacular as pressed glass, pattern glass, old glass, Civil War glass, Victorian glass, and even Early American Pressed Glass. Before American industry introduced this inexpensively made glass commodity, folks of slim means were mostly fed from metal, pottery or wooden plates and drank from primitive cups. the, Subscribers can also post A Berry Set consists of a Master Berry Bowl usually around 7-9 in diameter and 4-8 smaller matching berry bowls or sauce dishes usually 3 1/2 5 in diameter. ), and color. Copyright @ Hai Tech Lasers, Inc. 2017 All Rights Reserved. Take care, and I certainly appreciate your information, corrections, advice and your great website!! I have some glass that was pressed in America before 1850! If you do, your email will be deleted unanswered. Many of them were located in the Pittsburgh, PA area, which had the reputation of being the glass center of the US during the 1870s and 1880s. In addition to EAPG being known by many terms, almost all of the patterns are known by more than one name and some are known by as many as 7 names! National Glass Company (Beatty-Brady Works) (Dunkirk-IN, Co. but we dont know enough about that to confirm it. Over 10,400 Photographed EAPG Items A pet peeve of sellers of EAPG is the buyer who insists on what they call mint pieces of EAPG. Read it now. Various forms of dishes produce a more distinct ring than others. collection. The exact cursive style changed slightly several times over the years. include additional functionality and enhanced features. They turned out millions of pieces of inexpensive ware and were in fierce competition for the Trade (ie the business of homemakers). This serious problem has ruined and taken thousands of pieces of originally clear EAPG off the antiques market. etc.). Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. During the 1860s, changes in the availability of elements, including lead used in the formula for glass necessitated in part by the Civil War, caused the dishes to take on different physical characteristics. 3 is a mold number. D in a diamond mark on base of cobalt blue Bromo-Seltzer bottle made by Dominion Glass Company (Photo courtesy of Tyler Cazes), B inside a diamond ~ mark on the base of a blue-aqua horseradish or pickle bottle made by Binghamton Glass Company. 2 Gene Florence 4.5 out of 5 stars 69 This bottle base has 1949 date code to right. Learn More. with and, or, or not logical operators. the Market Value History of the Early American Pattern Glass items in their Thatcher Glass MTC mark on emerald green beach glass shard from a juice bottle. Note: Because of time and energy constraints, I can no longer answer all emails personally, but you may contact me directly at: dav__erwhi "at" A code number indicating the mold engraver? Collectors had already become familiar with and attached to the names given by writers, each of whom sometimes gave different names to the same pattern! information and details of a sampling of EAPG items from our EAPG database! Wait!, you say. Pattern Glass for over 46 years conducting appraisals and pattern Wait!, you say. The idea of a matched glassware table service quickly caught on in America. Any unauthorized use of copyrighted Another conundrum glass was pressed in America before 1850. Over the ensuing years, records and old catalogs have been discovered giving the OMN (Original Manufacturers Name) but in many instances, it was too late. After the Table Set, a pattern would probably include a Celery Vase. Although I think it may be fairly common for milkglass dresser trays and some other similar odd milkglass pieces (that arent really part of pattern glass sets) to bear single-digit mold numbers. If your grandchildren are under three years of age, they might not know, so in that case you can: Most but not all EAPG patterns will have a goblet. Please check out this page with more information on altered glass: Artifically Purpled Glass. Diode Pumped Laser Marking System, Nd:YAG, Laser Marking for Aerospace Applications eBook. Before American industry introduced this inexpensively made glass commodity, folks of slim means were mostly fed from metal, pottery or wooden plates and drank from primitive cups. Her expertise is greatly appreciated. We are located in the Santa Clarita Valley and can deliver the products anywhere in the USA with a fast turnaround time. The Hazel-Atlas Glass 2nd Edition. This can also vary, depending on the pattern and the glass maker, from a pitcher & 2-6 tumblers; or a pitcher and 2-6 stemmed goblets; or a pitcher and tumblers or goblets and a water tray; or a pitcher, some drinking vessels, a tray and a waste bowl! Another conundrum glass was pressed in America before 1850. Read more about the people behind in hosting and maintaining a website with such a large database of Hawaiian Lei, Two Band, Lion Head, Liberty Bell and Sawtooth come to mind. The primary purpose of this web site is to be a resource for its subscribers in pattern identification and researching the Market Value History of the Early American Pattern Glass items in their collection. Next in common production is probably the Berry Set (Victorians were big on Sets). G-94 was the bottle style number. David, Hi, David ~ Some Editor I am, leaving the n off Patter Glass Editor! Take care, Fenton in an oval ((Fenton Art Glass Company). and our Patterned sets of dishes are by far the main focus of EAPG collectors but there are some exceptions to even that! They were lighter weight, less expensive, less clear and exhibited no bell tones. Whether obtained by inheritance from your great, great grandparents or you purchase pieces that belonged to someone elses great, great grandparents, use it, enjoy it and let it remind you of days long gone by in America. Where the term got the word berry is interesting because berries were certainly not available in quantities large enough to fill those bowls by most Victorian age housewives who used this glass. Clover-like logo seen on base of French pharmacy bottle (photo courtesy Lynne Wertz), KPP mark on base of amber Budweiser beer bottle, date coded 1972 (Photo courtesy of Shannon Brown). I do paid identification on EAPG and also do appraisals. comments and questions as well as view and respond to other subscribers' Flint glass is exceptionally clear with a familiar ringing quality when gently tapped. EAPG was made by hundreds of glass manufacturers in the US. I took a chime in to get it engraved for a friend that lost her daughter It was so nice to have someone kind & understanding to be so helpful & at a good cost The marking on the bottom of the plate is M P inside of a triangle. Identification request: Santa Clarita, Los Angeles county California fungus growing on a tree stump on Feb. 20th near a pre-school. We can laser mark, etch, or engrave characters, logos, graphics, and bar codes on a wide range of materials, including metal, glass, and even guns. 37. As we saw during the hey day years non-flint glass began to appear in some patterns in sapphire blue, light and dark amber or old gold, apple green (a bluish light green) emerald green, vaseline/ canary & occasionally in cobalt blue or deep amethyst. The second half of the 19th century saw a rising middle class and their . Pattern Glass for over 46 years conducting appraisals and pattern Browse Similar. Copyright 2023 EAPGS Members. D inside a circle mark attributed to Degenhart Art Glass, Cambridge Ohio, Diamond-Oval-I trademark used by Owens-Illinois Glass Company, Triangle mark, used by Vidrio Formas, Lerma, Mexico, Owens-Illinois Glass Company I inside an O trademark. By the 1880s pattern glass was produced in great volume in hundreds of patterns, and colored glass came into vogue. Most of the later companies were along the Ohio River Valley from Pennsylvania and West Virginia to Ohio and Indiana because of the natural gas that was found there. Very large quantities of this pressed glass were churned out during its heyday, although a large percentage of it is now no longer available, due to the ravages of time, including typical breakage and sometimes intentional discarding during the many years since its production. WWW.EAPG.COM - Early American Pattern Glass - EAPG WWW.EAPG.COM About this site Our policies E-mail us Links Join the Early American Pattern Glass Society Pattern Glass for sale Art Glass for sale Other Glass for sale Other Stuff for sale Search items for sale I also included a link to your site at the bottom of the page. Market value histories are displayed in three columns: eBay and Flea Market Value Histories, Antique Mall Market Value Histories and High-End Collector Auction Market Value Histories. posting on our, For a valuable website devoted to general information A website for collectors of Early American Pattern Glass items. And small pots or jars were popular to hold horseradish and mustard, commonly used condiments to hide the taste of meat, which was often, shall we say, past fresh. Here, as embossed on the base of a small cobalt blue Bromo-Seltzer bottle. PLEASE DO NOT SEND MORE THAN ONE PHOTO ON AN EMAIL!!!!!!! to be a resource for its subscribers in pattern identification and researching please contact us at Early American Pattern Glass: Collector's Identification & Price Guide. One good guess might be connected with the idea of the level of taxes levied on vases. EAPG began to fall out of favor in the 1910s. Since the trademark was not yet used by glass companies, if one factory had success selling a pattern, another would change a mold slightly & reissue its pattern under another name. manufactured, and glass characteristics (such as "ruby", "blush" amber, milk, parameters--including pattern name, form, manufacturer, pattern number, year Goblets were always 6 tall (give or take an inch); Champagne stems were all 5 tall (give or take); wine goblets were all 4 tall (give or take) and cordials were all 3 tall (give or take). C. Co mystery mark solved ~ Glaser-Crandell Company, Chicago, Illinois, Glass Containers Corporation, Fullerton, California, Glass Insulator Embossings (Some primary markings), Great Western Glass Company, St. Louis, Missouri (1874-c.1887), Hemingray Glass Company, Muncie, IN & Covington, KY, HEMINGRAY No 9 // PATENT MAY 2 1893 glass telephone insulator, Hillsboro Glass Company, Hillsboro, Illinois (1961-1997), Hobnail Pattern Glass Votive Candle Cups / Candleholders, Horseshoe & Star design on the base of jelly glasses, Indiana Glass Company Hen-on-Nest Dishes, I inside a Diamond or Diamond I trademark (Illinois Glass Company, Alton, Illinois), Insulators (General Overview on Glass Insulators Basic Information), Interstate Glass Company, Kansas City, Missouri, Irradiated Glass / Altered Glass / Artificially Purpled Glass, Kentucky Glass Works Company, Louisville, Kentucky, Kentucky Glass Works Company list of employees, L.G.CO. Find the Value of your Bryce Higbee Glass. ARCOROC USA ~ base marking on small dessert bowl. This glass was formerly referred to as sandwich glass for the Boston & Sandwich Glass Co. of Sandwich, Mass, which produced a great deal of this ware. I also vet eBay listings, website shops,and brick-and-mortar shops for corrections, and additions, clients sent photos from shows, flea markets, yard sales for fast i.d.s, to get an idea as to whether they should buy an item. And so, EAPG does have a date definition, even if it is a little elastic. Many of them had embossed mottos on the center or edge such as A Good Mother Makes a Happy Home, It is Pleasant to Labor For Those You Love and several Bible verses, most often, Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread. OVG monogram on the base of a Daisy & Button shoe toothpick holder in amber glass. Here ends the Lacy Age and begins the transition to the Flint Glass Age. We don't profess to be experts but we have a lot of books & some smart friends! A few etched patterns, such as Deer & Dog and Flamingo Habitat show scenes or tell a story. So where and from whom is it safe to purchase genuine EAPG and not have to be concerned about not getting the genuine Early pieces? Early to many, means before I was born or certainly before my parents were born. ), C B B; C B K ; C B M marks on antique pickle jars, Coke Bottles (Glass Manufacturers Marks on Coke Bottles), Collectible Milk Glass General Information / Overview, Depression Glass (What is Depression Glass? The EARLY AMERICAN PATTERN GLASS SOCIETY website is here, with lots of superb, searchable information on EAPG patterns, shapes, motifs, etc. Laser engravings can withstand harsh environmental conditions and are therefore an excellent choice for industrial products for easy identification. by companies such as the, Decorating pattern glass became even more popular during the 1890s and we find, The Basic set of EAPG dishes is the Four Piece Table set. Duraglas trademark on base of generic amber half-gallon bleach jug. Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG), also known as pressed glass, was produced from roughly 1850 to 1910. The primary purpose of this pattern glass index is to assist with the identification of EAPG patterns.

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